Birthday Parties

Here at the Cookery Cottage we want to have a fun birthday party. The kids arrive we go over a few basic heath rules and from them on its all fun. Parties are held on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.


We are happy to announce that we will be taking Birthday bookings from the Jan 2023 on. We are going ahead as scheduled.

Delighted to see the kids back (10min-40max), Deposit is non-refunable 

Final numbers 3 days prior to birthday and that will be the price we charge on the day of the birthday party.

10am-12noon, 1pm -3pm or 4pm-6pm Saturday

12noon-2pm or 3pm-5pm Sunday

Please call Mon-Fri times

We have further developed our outside seating arrangements over lockdown, with new seating and decorative settings which are a pleasant area also for the kids parties as well as inside. Due to the atmosphere we believe that our new feature will be great fun because of this long awaited summer which we at the cookery cottage plan to enjoy with our loving customers. Parents can not join the class as the staff are trained to to do that, we do understant if a child is nervous the parent can see with the child, Coffee and teas are only to be drink while seating in the area for the parents.

No walking around with any hot drinks, no outside food allowed, we will give the parents any pizza (1,6, 7, 12, 13)) that is space and cupcakes (1.3,7) free coffee and tea.

At the moment we have not incased any price but it may have to happen down  the road if prices keep going up 

up with World Crises, thats why we have to have final numbers 3 days prior to the birthday party 



Please call 021 436 5083 with any questions

Birthday  Parties

Monday-Sunday Call for times


Option 1: Kids aged 4 - 13 years

Kids learn how to make the basic Pizza (1,6,7,12,13),  decorated cupcake (1,3,7,12), Dough balls (1,6,12,13) & Teaching them how to work with different Icing.

Homemade pizza (1,6,7,12,13) from scratch, homemade pizza sauce, dough balls (1,6,12,13),

 Cupcakes (1,3,7,12) with icings and lots of toppings,

Birthday cake (1,3,7,12) -birthday boy/girl chooses topping & butter icing (7) .

Plus: Party, Drinks, cake & candles, invites (optional) & party bags (fresh cupcakes)

Plus they get to eat every thing they make

Minimum 10 - Maximum 35. 2 hours, €16.50 per child

Option 2: Kids aged 4-13 years

Birthday Afternoon Party

- Afternoon Tea Party:   Fresh baked Scones (1,3,7,12) , Chocolate Chip Cookies (1,3,6,7,12), Rainbow cupcakes (1,3,7,12),

Learn how to have a tea party with proper china cups & saucers.

Party, Cake & candles, Drinks, party bags and invites included.

Minimum 10 - Maximum 35. 2 hours, €15.00 per child:


Option 3; Kids aged 9-13 years: Italian Birthda Party 

Fresh Homemade pasta (1,3,12,13) with tomato sauce, garlic bread (1,7,12,13) and Chocolate chip cookies (1,3,6,7,12)

Party, Cake  candles,  Drinks, party bags and invites included



Please be aware we do try to cater to all dietary needs, but severe allergies show not attend the cookery cottage,

as we can not assure, nut free, or flour free...please call for more info.



If you have any more questions, please feel free to contact  021-4365083


Kind Regards

Cokery Cottage Team

021 436 5083