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TY Cooking Program. All students will receive a certification once the course is completed. 

This course provides lessons for life, and is also an invaluable learning experience for the students who are preparing to move away from home to attend university. Students will learn the necessary tools to look after themselves with nutritious meals, and also to get part-time jobs restaurants and cafes. We will give a certification to go on their CV. Many of my past transition year students are working in hospitality thanks to the Cookery Cottage course and we are very proud.

On the course we adhere to many of the guide lines and rules that need to be followed in restaurants and cafes.

In addition, we teach healthy eating habits in preparation for leaving home for the first time and, and how to eat well on a student’s budget.

1 day 0r  4/6 week courses available.

  • Primary School Tours (up to 6o kids)

Pizza, cupcakes, doughballs and juice and sweets and icing to decorate the yummy  cupcakes!

Area outside for a bus.

  • Classes for Adults/Children with learning difficulties

1 Day or 4/6 week courses available

Please call us on 0214365083 for more information.